Chat Interface for a Personal Assistant Mobile App

About the App

The personal assistant app is a mobile consumer service that aims to solve every individuals need for an assistant  Be it getting multiple flight options at one place or customer support for your bank, or booking a cab, getting restaurant options, the service will help users get all the required details within minutes. Users need to simply send an chat with the bot or customer support personal about their query and the app will respond within five minutes.

Objective of assignment:

To make it easier for returning users to perform a similar set of tasks repeatedly.


The most difficult challenge was to direct the user into the guided flow and not obstruct him or her.
Also upon entry to the guided flow the user should enjoy setting up his/her routine and also have the ability to skip a few tasks.


Introduce a chat bot application allowing a user to perform a series of tasks like setting up Monday morning meetings, ordering daily lunch, booking an Uber, or even booking a restaurant for the weekly date night at his/her favorite restaurants.

The Primary  Assumptions were as below 

  1. The App has measurable data on User Action
  2. Definition of repeat user is one who has done a task 3 or more times consecutively or in a given time period (such as a hour/day/week)
  3. The App  is able to record and retrieve data related to a particular user and his action.

The user flow is as shown in the overview bellow.

You can try it yourself with this clickable prototype below: