Zolarithm and Zola.live

Co-founder | Designer


Problem Statement:
Brands/Companies rely on stories and content for marketing. Understanding how their content is spreading, which content is doing well, and also understanding how their competitors are doing is crucial for them. But currently there is no clear indicator of how stories/content spreads, who are the key influencers across different digital channels and which stories have a potential of doing well.

Zolarithm helps to solve this problem by identifying which stories are going big/viral, where they are spreading , and who is helping them spread. We used a vitality score to calculate the rate at which stories were shared to surface the best ones.

Wireframes and Design Exploration phase 1

Design Exploration phase 2

Why did we not continue?

  • Costs were high , mostly on AWS because of heavy calculations.

  • No dedicated team to spend on this full time.

  • Not enough early sales to fund our costs.

  • Didn't try for funding.